Hugo Boss Showcases Latest ‘Own Your Journey’ Collection in Melbourne

Hugo Boss, in partnership with Virgin Australia Voyeur Magazine, thrilled and delighted guests at their Crown Casino store in Melbourne’s CBD showcasing their latest ‘Own Your Journey’ menswear and womenswear collections. The showcase and the night itself centred around the prospect of travel, something Hugo Boss has always been synonymous with. Boss’ distinct and classic style is consistent in their latest collection; whether it be a tie, a polo shirt, or an off the rack suit for men, the collection belongs to those seeking to travel in style and don’t mind paying for it.

Jake Stent-Powell wearing Hugo Boss.

Speaking with Annalise Pettinella from Hugo Boss as the night kicked off, she expressed to me how the main focus of the event was constructed to capture the importance of different cultures and how Hugo Boss’ new collection is for the traveller who explores diverse cities and requires versatile clothing that can be both simple and up-market. In-line with the theme of the evening, we were then treated to one of the night’s cornerstone moments, with former Lonely Planet executive director and entrepreneur-in-residence, Gus Balbontin, providing guests with an incredible insight into the mind of a true entrepreneur.

A more casual travel feel worn by Jake Stent-Powell.

Gus is someone who constructed the world he lives in with minimal available resources, and truly tied the event together encapsulating the clothing line on the runway with his intriguing stories of backpacking and travelling the world (both on a budget and in style). He expressed the need to have a vast but simple wardrobe when travelling; one that can help serve multiple purposes with minimal change.

More runway action at Hugo Boss at Crown. (model: Jake Stent-Powell)

After Gus set the stage, it was finally time for the main event – a showcase of the ‘Own Your Journey’ collection. Clean, simple pieces for the modern traveller were plentiful, and the varying level of designs really drove home the collection’s aim of offering both comfortable and stylish designer wear for men and women alike. Despite having to brave torrential Melbourne rain outside as the even finished, I was left most impressed with the collaboration of Hugo Boss and Virgin Australia Voyeur’s ability to successfully showcase the relationship between travel, culture, and fashion.