The Best Ads From Super Bowl LII

Once a year the world stops to watch quarterbacks direct human traffic, kickers belt the brown leather and players produce their own custom celebrations after touchdowns. Whilst the game is the cornerstone of the day, the Super Bowl is more than a football game, it’s an advertising mecca. Each year studios gear up their best trailers and commercials to feature on Super Bowl day. Here are all the best ads and trailers from Super Bowl LII.

This year we were gifted a Game Of Thrones inspired commercial by Doritos with Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage rapping, as well as Amazon’sAlexa’s voice being replaced by celebrities. In the movie sector, we are smashed with a gigantic Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom trailer and the first look at Solo, A Star Wars Story. A new lengthy version of Avengers Infinity War was dropped, making the hype for this film unparalleled by any other Marvel picture. Red Sparrow featuring Jennifer Lawrence, and Tom Cruise’s new Mission Impossible were also featured during the game that saw the Philadelphia Eagles dethrone the New England Patriots in a thriller..

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Solo: A Star Wars Story 

Mission Impossible: Fallout 

Black Panther: Lexus commercial

Avengers Infinity War: Super Bowl trailer 

Red Sparrow: Super Bowl trailer

The Cloverfield Paradox: Super Bowl trailer

Dundee: 2018 Super Bowl commercial

Doritos: 2018 Super Bowl commercial

Amazon Alexa: 2018 Super Bowl commercial

Tide: 2018 Super Bowl commercial

Rocket Mortage: 2018 Super Bowl commercial