Dope Movie Trailer

A$AP Rocky has been a busy man of late in between getting artistic with his Instagram feed and with his…

Sicario Trailer

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Future Aussie Filmmakers: Part I

Think there’s no hope for Australian film industry? Learn where the next great Australian Filmmakers are coming from in the first part of our series.

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At the cruising altitude of a 747, your body starts to shut down.

Ex Machina: Our Debut Review

Garland’s first effort is not perfect, the last fifteen minutes will either surprise you or leave you feeling let down, but it is still a very assured piece of work. Ex Machina is filled with atmosphere, and at times funny, and surprising – with an incredibly weird dance scene that’s actually pretty cool!

Fassbender Is Back In New Adaptation Of Macbeth

Michael Fassbender becomes Macbeth in Australian director Justin Kurzel’s violent new adaptation.

Idris Elba Shows His Musical Side, Rapping on a Track With Skepta

Famous for playing role in Luther and Thor, British actor Idris Elba shows that he is more than just a brilliant actor. The Hackney born beast is now featured on a brand new track with veteran London MC Skepta.

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We sit down with Tom Gaynor aka Allday, who in 2014, blew up out of the indie scene onto the Aria charts with his debut LP Startup Cult.

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Why We Still Love Friends.

It’s been 11 years since the final episode of the hit TV series Friends aired and we take a look at why, after 11 years, we still love it.

Ever Wondered How Often Owen Wilson Has Said “Wow”?

The internet has once again provided a video you didn’t know you needed to see, but will be glad you did – Owen Wilson saying “wow” over and over. And over.