2 Chainz & Big Sean Sip On A $100k Martini

After smoking a joint rolled with 24K gold rolling papers, it’s no wonder 2 Chainz is now sipping a $100,000 martini with Big Sean.

Breaking Bad Creator Calls On People To ‘Stop Throwing Pizza’

Recently the creator of one of TV’s greatest hits, Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan had to speak out after a number of “fans” of the show decided to re-enact an iconic scene.

Hansel and Derek Zoolander hit the Valentino runway

Straight from Paris Fashion Week, these two made a standout appearance on the Valentino Autumn-Winter Runway to promote their new…

Donald Glover Given Green Light For ‘Atlanta’

Donald Glover’s new series Atlanta is going ahead.

Australia may have just witnessed Drake at his best

I was one of those lucky people to witness The 6 God at Future Music Festival in Brisbane on March 7th.

Kayne West & John Legend Sing Gold Digger Before It Was Gold Digger

Kanye West performs Gold Digger, in 2003, back when it was titled ’18 Years’ with John Legend.

Harrison Ford Crashes WWII Era Plane

Actor Harrison Ford Crashes WWII Plane On Golf Course In California

Avengers: Age of Ultron – New Trailer Released

The final trailer for the ‘Avengers – Age of Ultron’ is released

New stills from the Entourage movie

Given that the wait time for the new Entourage flick has been longer than the line