NASA’s Commercial Supersonic X-Plane Is Straight Out Of Star Wars

As if straight out of science-fiction, NASA presents its supersonic X-Plane intended for commercial use.

An Inside Look At Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 Million Penthouse

This is what luxe looks like, as we step through the doors of Tommy Hilfiger’s $50 million New York penthouse. Check it out.

Al Capone’s Miami Mansion Is Selling For A Cool $20 Million

The notorious American Gangster purchased the property in 1928, and has recently been restored to its Prohibition-era glory.

Luxury Redefined In This $83 Million Sky Lounge Of A Private Jet

Soaring to new heights of luxury and extravagance, this $83 million private jet is more sky lounge than air craft.

The Incredible $21 Million Apartment With A 360 View Of New York

There’s extravagant. Then there’s the historic Woolworth building, where apartments come with 360 views of New York at $21 million a pop.

Norwegian Arctic Design Wonder To Be World’s First ‘Energy Positive’ Hotel

Another win for sustainable infrastructure out of Norway with the design plans confirmed for this ring-shaped spectacle in the Arctic circle.

Audemars Piguet’s New Lavish Swiss Alpine Hotel

The sunken luxury property will play host to fifty rooms spread out over multi-tierd levels adjoining the watchmaker’s museum next door.

Take A Look Inside This Incredibly Lush Pad In Sydney’s Double Bay

Chances are high you’ve been in the vicinity of this property without even knowing it was there.

Norway Opens World’s Most Stylish &  Expensive Public Toilet

The unique structure cost over $2 million to make.

Take A Look Inside The US$16 Million Mansion Of Zedd

Whoever said that there’s no money in music anymore clearly wasn’t referring to pop or producing or Zedd.

The Farm Gerringong

‘The Farm’ Gerringong Is A Palatial Oceanfront Holiday Home

Perched on a ridgeline amongst a sweeping landscape of lush, European-esque rolling hills, “The Farm” is capable of up to 30 guests.

Check Out George Lucas’ Spaceship-Shaped Museum In Los Angeles

The perfect design for the man behind Star Wars.