Why stay by the water when you could stay on it?

Sydney's holiday house scene is changing with Lilypad, an ultra-exclusive, members-only retreat opening this summer that floats atop the waters off of Palm Beach. Yep, floats.

Reachable by boat or seaplane, Lilypad is redefining seaside luxury. Though it's small in size and nondescript when viewed from a distance, the little floating villa boasts amenities to boot. A stay at Lilypad includes a personalised concierge, luxury vehicle transfers within 20 kilometres of Sydney’s CBD and a boat to explore surrounding beaches. An onboard chef can be requested to prepare exceptional meals for an extra fee. Not to be forgotten, there's a 40-bottle wine cellar just waiting to be cracked into. Its the perfect place for overnight getaways or intimate, luxurious lunches.

Lilypad aptly embodies her name: she is a low lying vessel with an unparalleled connection to the body of water she rests on. Designed by Chuck Anderson, Lilypad runs entirely off solar power. “The design and construction of Lilypad was a feat in engineering to ensure guests could experience luxury accommodation on an entirely stable surface, while drifting with the rhythmic sounds and movements of the ocean,” stated Anderson. 

However, there's one catch to copping a stay at Lilypad: it’s members-only with very few memberships available. The 10 yearly memberships each cost $3600 a month as part of a 12-month contract and include 18 visits throughout the year. These visits can be tailored to whatever style of getaway the client may desire.

Check out more at Lilypad's website.

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