Brown Cardigan x Fireball Are Throwing An Epic “HELL-O-WEEN” Party

Brown Cardigan x Fireball Are Throwing An Epic “HELL-O-WEEN” Party

For the first time ever, everyone’s favourite cinnamon dram, Fireball Whisky, is collaborating with the back-from-the-dead social media legends at Brown Cardigan to bring “Hell-O-Ween” to Melbourne’s Rubix Warehouse on Thursday, October 31.

After reacquiring their Zucked Instagram account, Brown Cardigan is turning up for Halloween this year with some familiar faces and an array of rowdy party pieces including a fire wheel of death and performances in cages. 

Australian overlords, Barbariön, will be taking in (un)willing participants to storm the stage for death metal karaoke while spinning the decks will be DJ Dunni, Yo! Mafia, Ben Hunter aka Constable Smallsman and Shelley, who are all geared up to play the most sinful, hellish bangers.

For those purely hunting down a well-stocked bar – fear not – as ‘FireSpresso’ martinis and partners in crime, Pabst Blue Ribbon bringing the poison.

The entry is on Fireball, but you’ve got to RSVP. Be aware that RSVP entry is free for a very select number of sinners. Be there on time or your ticket will be given to some other poor soul dying to get into the fiery pits of Fireball Whisky and Brown Cardigan’s version of Hell.

RSVP here to cop a ticket for you and a mate.