Michael B. Jordan To Burn It All In ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Adaptation

Unstoppable young talent, Michael B. Jordan has had an incredible film output of late. With memorable performances in the likes of Creed and Black Panther, he now presents a more cerebral project in HBO’s adaptation of Fahrenheit 451

For those of you who didn’t read it in high school like the rest of us had to, it is set in a dystopic future (as they always are) where there is a war on knowledge. Books, literature of any kind, information that isn’t explicitly prescribed by the ruling powers– all are destroyed by a class of “Firemen”. Most notably, by burning books, hence the title. This suppression of free thought and censorship was a biting social commentary on the McCarthy era, but scarily enough, it seems to remain relevant to this day. 

Jordan portrays Guy Montag, a “Fireman” who begins to question the nature of the status quo, and comes to grips with his desire to rebel against the society he is imprisoned within. Additionally, Jordan will be joined in the cast by Michael Shannon as the main antagonist, Captain Beaty, and Lilly Singh as Raven.

Check out the trailer above.