Netflix Acquires Christian Bale Thriller ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ For $72 Million

Netflix $55 Million The Pale Blue Eye Christian Bale

Streaming platforms aren’t exactly short on funds these days. Especially in the case of Netflix, which has just forked out a casual US$55 million (AU$71.86 million) for the worldwide rights to Gothic horror-thriller – The Pale Blue Eye – starring Christian Bale; written and directed by Scott Cooper (Black Mass, Crazy Heart).

Based on the Louis Bayard novel of the same name, The Pale Blue Eye involves a series of murders that take place at US Military Academy West Point in the year 1830. The Batman actor will portray a different kind of veteran detective tasked with investigating the aforementioned crimes, accompanied by a “detailed-oriented young cadet” who later becomes the renowned literary figure, Edgar Allan Poe. At this stage, casting for the young Tell-Tale Heart author has not been confirmed.

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This will mark the fourth official collaboration between Christian Bale and Scott Cooper. The longstanding creative partnership kicked off back in 2013 with Out of the Furnace, followed up with Hostiles in 2017; but before production for this upcoming adaptation can begin, the duo will need to complete a project titled Valhalla, which has been kept under very tight wraps.

Netflix has been on quite the shopping spree at this year’s virtual European Film Market. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in addition to The Pale Blue Eye, the company has signed pair of eight-figure deals:

  • US$15 million for the North American and Latin American rights to Colin Firth’s World War II film, Operation Mincemeat 
  • And another US$18 million for the US rights to The Ice Road, an action-thriller starring Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne

Keep an eye out – pale and blue or otherwise – for more details.

Netflix $55 Million The Pale Blue Eye Christian Bale