This Town’s Request For A Live Foo Fighters Concert Is Nothing Short Of A Masterpiece

One thousand musicians from all over the world have come together in the town of Cesena, Italy to rock out to the Foo Fighters legendary song ‘Learn To Fly.’ The one thousand man (and woman) band that goes by the name ‘Rockin1000’ all did this as a plea towards the Foo Fighters to come to Cesena and play a live show. The event organiser, Fabio Zaffagini, said he had been working on the project for more than one year, “waking up every morning, thinking about how to make it real.”

Thankfully for us he did make it real, because not only does it show how powerful this intangible thing we call music can be, by bringing so many different people together, but also watching all of those drummers play in sync with one another gives us nothing more than pure satisfaction.

The video makes us wish we had dropped all our shit and flown to Cesena right away to be a part of something so incredible. We can now only hope that this trend catches on so that we can experience something similar.

They’re has been no reply yet from Dave Grohl or any of the other members of the Foo Fighters, but we highly doubt they can turn down an offer as good as this one. Well played Cesena…