Game of Thrones Season 6 – Prep Sheet
— Updated on 2 August 2021

Game of Thrones Season 6 – Prep Sheet

— Updated on 2 August 2021
Luke Winzar
Luke Winzar

So that sweet rollercoaster of dragons, death and winter is about to recommence. Game of Thrones generally leaves us wanting answers, so to help you remember the questions you had, here’s a small recap of season 5. I’ll just hit those sweet important characters and the people that surround their narrative!

Let’s start with Brienne of Tarth

Last we left her she had just executed Stannis Baratheon (though we didn’t see it?) to avenge the death of her former master Renly Baratheon. She is still accompanied by that living legend Podrick, the reason they were up in Winterfell was to serve and protect Sansa, but they failed/got distracted and failed to see her candlelight message of help.

Moving onto Sansa Stark

Possibly the most unluckiest lady in this whole shabang, Sansa has had it tough throughout the series and season 5 was no cakewalk. Littlefinger persuaded her to marry that psychopath Ramsay Bolton so she could be back in Winterfell, the only benefit of this move has been her reuniting with her surrogate brother Theon Greyjoy (or Reek). Theon revealed to Sansa that her brothers Bran and Rickon are still alive, and that he did not burn them earlier as Sansa thought. Last we saw of these two they had just killed that jealous ex of Ramsay’s and were jumping off a wall into what we hope is a nice fluffy piece of snow.

Moving onto Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay has just beaten down Stannis’ pathetic excuse for an army, defending Winterfell and excitedly heading back to his dad Roose Bolton and tell him the good news of his success in defending the kingdom in the North.

Now to the the man who was defeated by Ramsay – Stannis Baratheon

The dude had a shocker of a season to be honest, looked fairly prime to take Winterfell and return things to some normality. Instead he sacrificed his daughter Shireen to the Lord of the Light hoping to ensure victory on the battlefield. Only for it to result in negative one child, his wife hanging herself and his army deciding that it probably wasn’t worth following this nutjob into battle. They were right, he is dead.

Let’s take a trip down south now to King’s Landing and Littlefinger

The master manipulator had just returned to King’s Landing to find his brothel torched. Olenna Tyrell, grandmother and all round badass of Margaery (mentioned later) greets him and tells of her grandchildren’s arrest. She demands his help by threatening that if anything happens to her or if House Tyrell goes down, she will reveal his involvement in Joffrey’s murder, which will certainly lead to his execution. Baelish reveals that Cersei summoned him to King’s Landing for “a piece of information he had”, his prostitute Olyvar, and he tells Olenna that he will give her the same thing he gave Cersei: a handsome young man. He also had been planing to lead an army of the Vale Knights to take Winterfell from the Bolton’s so he can then become the Warden of the North but it seems he has bigger fish to fry now.

Onto King Tommen and his mum Cersei Lannister

The great king has decided a hunger strike is the best course of action on taking the Faith Miliant (Sparrows) who have just taken over King’s Landing and imprisoned his wife and mum. Cersei Lannister was last seen returning to the kingdom after she was paraded naked through the streets and pelted with Cabbage. Tommen now will have to wait and see if this bold strategy pays off as his Queen Margaery (my absolute BAE) is still locked up in the prison for lying about her brother Loras who was arrested for homosexuality.

Me thinks Cersei won’t make Margaery’s release too easy after Margaery clued onto the fact that Cersei wanted to have both Margaery and her brother Loras locked up in the first place. I believe Margaery called Cersei a “hateful bitch”. Interesting things to come.

Now onto the father/uncle of the King – Jaime Lannister

Jaime spent a lot of his time in Dorne this past season with his swordsman Bronn, his mission was to bring his daughter/niece Myrcella back to King’s Landing. He is successful in getting Myrcella to return home and a heartfelt moment/confession to Myrcella she collapses on the boat having been poisoned by Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. So Jaime is heading back to King’s Landing with another dead Lannister!

Heading East to Queen of Dragons – Daenerys Targaryen

Having just escaped the Sons of the Harpies attempts to ambush and capture her at the Meereen Games, Daenerys flys away on the back of her sweet dragon Drogon, she ended up landing back in Dothraki territory where they surrounded her. She promptly drops her ring, leaving behind a trail for Daario and Jorah to find her together, both of which have survived the attacks in the pits. Don’t forget Jorah has a nasty case of Greyscale up his arm!

Sticking in that general area we have – Tyrion Lannister

The little man with a big plan found himself on Daenerys council of advisors, having initially been kidnapped by Jorah. Now that the Queen has fled the City, Meereen is under his control, control he perhaps does not want. At least he has that unic Varys by his side. This bit of the story will be weird and interesting.

Going North to the slowest building story ever – Arya Stark

Last we saw her, she wasn’t seeing much. She has been blinded as punishment for killing someone that wasn’t hers to kill, namely Meryn Trant. Trant was the leader of the Kings Guard at that time when the Stark’s were really rolled in season One. He took Arya from her sword practise with Syrio, possibly killing Syrio. Trant was also one of the names on that little murder list of hers. It did look like she was going to be killed but Jaqen drank the poison himself, sparing Arya so maybe there’s some more important things in store for that little girl.

Moving onto the little Stark children

These guys figure to be a pretty big part of this upcoming season, what with Sansa knowing they’re alive and all. We haven’t seen the youngest Rickon since he Osha were seperated from Bran in season 3. Bran was last seen hanging with the Child of the Forest thing in season 5, Jojeen had just been fatally stabbed by a white walker and Meera had rescued Bran. The old man hanging in the tree otherwise known as the Raven stated that “Jojeen had died so that Bran could find what he lost.” Bran then asks if the raven will help him walk again. The raven answers that “he will never walk again, but he will fly.”!!!!

And ahhh yes. Jon Snow.

They killed my boy. They killed everyones boy. Jon was betrayed and stabbed by his own men of the Knights Watch, with that little c word Olly delivering the final blow. Who know’s what goes on from here? Is he really dead? Who the hell knows, there are A LOT of theories floating around about the Jon Snow situation but maybe just ignore them and watch the show. His heavyset mate Samwell Tarly is still unaware of Jon’s death, he’s off studying to become the meister for the Knights Watch.

So there it is, in all it’s goodness, White Walkers are on their way and there are storms brewing all over the place! Seems it will be another fantastic and enthralling season ahead! Happy viewing! If I missed anything let us know in the comments!

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