5 Australian Social Entrepreneurs Aiming To Change The World

Recently, Chivas Regal hosted the Australian leg of their global social entrepreneur competition, The Venture. From the competition, 5 awesome Australian Social Entrepreneurs emerged as the finalists, all with a chance to be invested in.

Ultimately they all aim to create social change in society and act as a representation of how businesses can do good with their own corporate social responsibility. But at the end of the day, only one start-up would be chosen to progress to the global finals. Check out the 5 finalists and winner below.

1. Good On YouGordon Renouf & Sandra Capponi

The whole idea behind Good On You is to ensure that consumers can shop socially consciously; anytime and anywhere. Currently at the seed stage of funding, Gordon and Sandra have created an app which allows consumers to check whether their products are sustainably produced. According to the company more than 50% of people are motivated to buy sustainable products but current systems are inadequate in allowing them to do just that. Starting with fashion, Good On You bridges that gap by providing the information in the palm of a consumers hand. With over 30,000 registered users a little over a year from their launch, it looks like they’re on track to spread awareness about the environmental and social aspects of products.

2. Words With HeartLauren Shuttleworth (Winner)

Words with Heart is a print and stationary company which is environmentally friendly and helps to fund education projects for women and girls in the developing world. The idea was to address the issues faced by women in attaining appropriate education and to fund the schooling via a social enterprise. Lauren hoped to link everyday tools to the cause and since it’s launch in 2014 Words With Heart has expanded it’s operations beyond stationary into a fully operational custom printer. They have also helped to fund over 60,000 education days for women and girls in multiple countries around the world.

3. HUEYIFY, Kenneth Springer 

HUEYIFY aims to provide accessible experiences to all internet users. With a focus on the disabled, Kenneth was inspired by his son Huey to create a platform to help those who have trouble navigating websites. With 98% of sites not being easy accessible for those with impairments and 54% of those living disability heading online for multiple reasons, HUEYIFY hopes to ensure that disabled users get the most out of their internet experience.

4. The Fabric SocialMegan Schipp, Sharna de Lacy & Fiona McAlpine

Aiming to make women become the change makers in communities, The Fabric Social hopes to provide access to jobs by building on a previously established industry in India. The entrepreneur group decided to focus on silk weaving, with a particular kind of environmentally friendly silk called eri, and export it to the outside world. Seeing the exterior demand for this product and the chance to reduce issues of sweatshop labour, poverty and conflict via the creation of solid income for many poor communities across India, The Fabric Social was created.

5. Swanky SocksTom Lawrence

Swanky Socks started out as a need for stylish and comfortable socks. It now retails in four continents, working with over 200 retailers. Launching this year, Swanky Socks began it’s give back program with the idea to donate socks and clothing to children, families and communities around the world. 1.5 billion of the world’s population are infected by soil transmitted helminth, which penetrates the skin through bare feet. By offering quality socks and footwear to these communities, Swanky Socks are hoping that it will lead to a successful, happy and healthy future.

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