You Can Buy A Third Of This Hawaiian Island For $330 Million

Ever wanted to ball out in your own tropical paradise? Well luckily enough, a ranch on the 5th largest Hawaiian island of Molokai currently on sale for an easy $260 million USD ($331 million).

With 55,575 acres (22,490 hectares) or 35% of the island up for grabs, it’s definitely paradise untouched (Mark Zuckerberg considered buying it in 2015). It also features a running golf course, two closed resorts, 30km of coastline, 5600 hectares of reef and 1600 hectares of conservation forest, all within 30 minutes of Honolulu by private jet.

There is, however, a catch. The island’s 7,000 locals are strongly against any kind of major development of the land, managing to boot out the current owners in 2008. Hopefully someone with a new vision can come in and truly put it to use. Will it be you?