Alright, fellas. Cards on the table, we know you’ve probably got some loose ends to tie up when it comes to your money. Don’t worry. We understand how it happens. One minute you’re flush with that fortnightly paycheque, and you feel like you could fly so high... for a moment. But only​ ​for a moment​.

It starts with Friday arvo drinks. Which then evolves to Saturday night kick-ons. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you’re shouting another round.. Come Monday morning, you realise your balance is in the red, and you somehow need to pay back three different loans.

Suffice to say, life in Australia can get a little expensive. Good thing there’s a way we can all:

  • have a fair go
  • skirt around those high interest rates
  • avoid all those hidden fees
  • save $$$ for that dream trip

and make it home in time for supper.

A word to the wise, all you need to know is one handy phrase: debt consolidation


How does it work?

So say you wake up that Sunday morning dehydrated and fuzzy on the details. You check your credit cards and find that each one has a different amount of debt you need to tackle. It’s safe to assume that each card will have a different interest rate, different repayment amount, and different due date. Keeping track of one debt is stressful enough... so you can imagine how much it’d do your head in to keep track of multiple.

Consolidating your debt is a prime option to sort this out. Basically, it means taking out a single personal loan to resolve all your outstanding debts ​including t​ hat scary, scary interest. And by the end, all you need to do is pay off that simple, simple personal loan.

That’s one set repayment, one set interval – week, month, etc. – and one set term. Much more control than those parallel train lines of chaos before. The best part? The interest rate of that personal loan is usually significantly lower than your credit card rates.

What’s the benefit?

To recap for those who weren’t paying attention (c’mon this important stuff)...


You can avoid juggling multiple repayment amounts, due dates and varying interest rates.​ Consolidated debt is about streamlining what you owe, how often you owe, and when you owe.


One loan also means one fixed repayment. This cancels out the multiple, usually high-interest rates, ongoing fees, and charges - saving your wallet the hardship.


When all is said and done, it’s really about getting back in the green (or at least breaking even in the black). The sooner you get that weight off your shoulders, the better. Some services provide easy three to five year terms, and won’t penalise you with early repayment or exit fees. Keep that in mind.

Where can I get this done?

Wisr is a solid bet. They’re sticking it to the banks and offering smarter, fairer rates on personal loans to give Aussies a better deal. About time, right?

You can use a Wisr personal loan for any worthwhile purpose. Whether it be consolidating your debts, funding your next holiday or icing your wrist with a banging new timepiece.

If you’ve never heard of these guys, here’s what you need to know.

  • Easy, fully online application.
  • Personalised low rates based on your strong credit score.
  • A free rate quote you can get in 2 minutes
  • No ongoing or early repayment fees.
  • Loans from $5K to $50K.
  • 3 or 5-year repayment terms.

They’re also offering Boss Hunting readers a $0 establishment fee (a saving of $595) on any new Wisr personal loan. Not to mention zero fees after that. Winning.

Hurry though as it’s for a very limited time. Offer valid for all loan applications submitted before the 25th of October 2019.

Get all the details here.

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