Deliveroo & Coles Link Up For 30-Minute Home Deliveries

Lazy? Can’t be bothered to walk to the nearest grocer for the essentials? Don’t worry, Deliveroo and Coles are working to help with a new trial run that’s currently going down in Melbourne. Earlier this year, ‘food packs’ began to be served to the inner-east via the food courier and an online-only store was also utilised via Uber in another test of the waters.

With a decent amount of success for both of those, the trial with Deliveroo has now expanded to a 3 km radius around the Richmond Coles store. The service basically involves offering 30-minute delivery on a limited range of items including milk, bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables, and ‘meal packs’. It all looks to be going off very well, with Deliveroo stating that “based on the success of the partnership, we’re wanting to roll it out further”. Hopefully we’ll see more of the service pop up around Australia.