How Elon Musk Just Won A $50 Million Bet In Australia

We all know some billionaires love a good gamble, especially when they’ve got extra cash to blow. But what happens when you actually use a bet to create something that will help a population? This was the case for a little wager that has been going on between Aussie Atlassian co-founder Michael Cannon-Brooks and Elon Musk, both ridiculously innovative and entrepreneurial leaders who are killing the game right now.

Way back in March, Cannon-Brooks put forward the bet over Twitter for a South Australian power project that Musk was in negotiation for. A part of the government’s bid to guarantee power supplies after being affected by widespread blackouts, the Tesla proposal was to be delivered in 100 days or it would be provided free of charge. The clock started ticking for Musk in September when a deal was signed down in Adelaide, with the proposition to be the largest lithium-ion battery plant in the world. This battery would be able to store power and therefore support homes in situations where sweeping blackouts came through, with enough juice for 8,000 houses over 24 hours.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill confirmed this week that the project had been completed and that regulatory testing would commence almost immediately. This is epic news for Musk as he would have supposedly lost around “$50 million or more” if the bet didn’t swing his way. Definitely better than having a crack down at the local TAB.

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