Australian Artist CJ Hendry Draws Hyperrealistic Images Using Only A Pen

Three years ago, 27-year old Australian artist CJ Hendry was earning 45 grand a year in fashion retail – now just one of her unbelievably detailed drawings sells for more than $50,000, and the market for her work is just beginning to take off.

Having got halfway through a University Degree, Hendry realised that contrary to what convention would suggest, she wasn’t happy pursuing an accounting degree, and instead gave herself a year to follow her drawing passion of drawing only with a pen.

Nearing the end of that year, having eschewed the typical route of galleries and exhibitions and focusing strongly on Instagram, Bill Tikos from The Cool Hunter happened upon one of her pieces and was instantly taken aback by the incredibly intricate detail of her work. Tikos now represents Hendry exclusively and together the pair are taking the art world by storm.

Here are some of our favourite pieces by CJ Hendry.