Sydney's Top 5 Barber Shops For The Selective Man

Let us introduce to you our top 5 picks for the best barber shops in Sydney that will meet every request of the modern man.

The Emporium Barber

Location: Shop G10, 180 Campbell Pde, Bondi

Hours: Mon-Sat (7am-6pm), Sun (8am-4pm)

The Bondi promenade wouldn't be complete without a trendy boutique barber shop. Now, it's got one. Serving Toby's Estate freshly roasted coffee to customers in a prime location, The Emporium Barber is equally about the modern gentleman's lifestyle as it is the grooming. In fact, they protrude a vibe that essentially regards both as synonymous with each other. Great news for customers, as it means they're aim is to refine the modern man around your requests and expectations.

You can't look past the Emporium Barber Experience, an hour and a half long combination of cuts, shaves and skin rejuvenation. A perfect gift at a reasonable price of $95 dollars. Don't stress, all other packages are well below this price.


Men's Biz

Location: The Strand Arcade, CBD

Hours: Vary, see website.

At very reasonable prices and in the heart of the city, the boys at Men's Biz pay strict attention to detail and offer high quality services without breaking the bank. Specialising in their unique selection of premium skincare products, they've got creams, oils and aftershaves suited to every season, beard and skin type. Kicking off all shaves with a Jack Black Pure Clean Facial Cleanser, and ending it with a matching fragrance, you'll walk out of there feeling like a new man. They'll also cut your hair too.

With every service between $30 and $50, a regular appointment at this establishment isn't as unachievable as you might think.


The Barberhood

Location: 1 O’Connell Street, CBD

Hours: 8am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)

The Barberhood is not simply a barber shop, they like to think of themselves as a place where men can be men. A broad range of premium products are delivered to you with meticulous service, with of course a fine selection of whiskies to complement your visit.


The Barber Shop

Location: 89 York St, CBD

Hours: 10am - Midnight

Coffee shops and barber shops colliding isn't a new concept, but to have a full-blown cocktail bar experience in the same digs as your barber is certainly a stand out for a commonly unadventurous Sydney. Available at their primary York Street setup, the bar services are tastefully part of the barber shop experience and the grooming menu offered by their 'Master Barbers' rivals all others across the city. Using antique tools and classic methods mixed with cutting edge products, The Barber Shop puts a delicate spin on the well-known barber experience. Comfort is the primary goal, enjoying a complimentary beer from midday onwards is a close second.


spaQ Sydney Barber Shop

Location: QT Sydney,

Hours: From 10am, closing time varies.

Even if you're shooting in and out of the city, there's no excuse for not keeping your grooming game up to scratch. Part of QT Sydney, the luxury spaQ barber shop experience transports you back in time briefly, relieving you of the hustle that is on-the-go travel. Their indulgent spa packages are also an option should you really be looking to kick back and refresh.