Feast Your Eyes On This Audi Concept Car That’ll Never Happen

Some things will just never be no matter how badly we want them. In this case, it’s this sweet looking Audi A9 concept model that screams style, grace, and unadulterated cool. 

Inspired by the Santiago Calatrava buildings, this modern and futuristic proposed concept has been designed to “… repair itself from damage and automatically change [colour]…” with the use of nanotechnology materials. The material would cover not only the majority of the body, but the windscreen as well. 

Of course where this all falls apart is how ambitiously the concept looks towards the future. Meaning, in practical terms, this self-repairing material isn’t something that even exists in the present day. What is quickly becoming a reality, however, is the feature of having the engine displaced, and stowed away within the wheels. Baby steps, I guess.

How long do you think it will take before you see one of these tearing down the streets (if ever)?