Burberry Has Created A Mountain Of Mirrors On This South Korean Island

Burberry Island mirror

On Jeju Island in South Korea, an unfamiliar shimmering form has emerged in recent days, glinting in the sunlight as it reflects the low lying yet mountainous terrain around it. Despite the extraterrestrial impression it gives off, the mirror covered structure is actually the first of several immersive brand experiences created by Burberry, inspired by the Sanbangsan mountain that also calls the island home.

Forming the first stop on a global pop-up that Burberry is undertaking, the mirrored mountain is called The Imagined Landscapes Jeju, and is directly inspired by topographic maps of the local area. The undulating and reflective surface of the structure is designed deliberately to soften the distinctions between, “nature and technology, the indoors and outdoors,” creating a place somewhere between, “the real and the imagined.”

While the structure is remarkable in its visual impact on the environment around it, The Imagined Landscapes Jeju isn’t an empty building by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the massive art installation contains several viewing rooms to watch the films of a trio of artists in Maotik, Cao Yuxi, and Lia Jiayu. 

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Like the building you’re watching the films in, the cinematic artworks explore themes of nature, visual distortion of physical spaces and the blurring of the digital and real worlds. If that wasn’t quite enough mind-bending for the day, Burberry has also created a TikTok filter which you can view the exhibit through, which uses augmented reality to show a school of sharks swimming through the sky.

As well as space to view this trio of films, Burberry has also implemented a display suite of their outdoor clothing, from contemporary puffer jackets to the brand’s iconic trenchcoat. The ephemeral and shimmering structure is currently open to the public, with no word currently on when it will close its doors. If you’re a Burberry fan, you’d better get yourself there quick.

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