Check Out This Insane 108m Mega Yacht Concept

We’ve seen some pretty crazy concepts, but oh buoy this is sure to top them all. Presenting the 108m mega yacht concept by Hareide Design Norway, a self-sustainable hybrid mega yacht with a focus on experiencing nature and exposing the changing elements, instead of simply insane luxury. I mean, it’s aboat time.

The Scandinavian design combines luxe modernity with old world elegance. The elevated dining and viewing area seamlessly shifts to a 20m pool and tranquil garden and the stern transitions into the water if you fancy a dip. The grand hall offers additional space for entertaining while putting you right in the middle of nature so you can really seize the day. 300 square metres of solar panels can be combined with diesel-powered propellers to get you to your destination and the monohull design super yacht also boasts a helipad for your guests.