World’s First 360 Degree Infinity Pool Concept For London Skyscraper

Assuming you’re no stranger to the internet, you’ll know the flood of outrageous concept designs circulating the world wide web must always be taken with a grain of salt.

Disclaimer: take that single grain of salt and split it into a thousand microscopic pieces, as this 360-degree infinity pool atop a London Skyscraper is about as wild as it gets.

The idea of Compass Pools, the 600,000-litre behemoth is slated to be crafted to fit atop an as-yet-unspecified 55-storey building at a height of 220 metres. The pool will feature see-through acrylic sides and a transparent floor, and guests will access it through a spiral staircase that will rise up from the floor. 

If you were thinking that this idea might not have been fleshed out to its entirety, you wouldn’t be wrong, as this staircase entrance hasn’t been included in the concept art.

The pool’s architect, Alex Kemsley, freely admitted: “Architects often come to us to design rooftop infinity pools, but rarely do we get a say in the building design because the pool is usually an afterthought.”

“But on this project, we actually started with the pool design and essentially said, ‘how do we put a building underneath this?’

“When we designed the pool, we wanted an uninterrupted view, both above and below the water. Swimming in the SkyPool at The Shard, it’s quite a weird feeling to have helicopters flying past at your level, but this pool takes it a step further.”

A five-star hotel is apparently the preferred home, but let’s not forget that the building still has to be built below the pool. This will likely be something your kids will have to enjoy, or maybe even their kids.

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