Design Your Own Personalised Blend Of Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is now giving those loyal to their brand the unique opportunity to create their own blend of whisky, from the barrel to the box. The “My Edition” comes to the world from an Indiegogo project that has set out to unite world-class digital designers and the craftsmanship of Johnnie Walker master blenders, to ensure you get the whisky you truly desire down to the minute details.

The brand was first officially established in 1857 by John Walker’s son and grandson, Alexander Walker and Alexander Walker II. Prior to John Walker’s death, the whisky had previously been known as “Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky”, and was sold in the late Walker’s Ayrshire grocery shop, nestled deep in the south of Scotland.

Since then, the legacy of John Walker has endured to become the juggernaut of a distillery we know and love today. With access to the most singular and perfectly blended whiskies across their homeland, they command flavour profiles finer than Shakespeare commanded the English language. And more importantly, this command can be yours for a price. As they will be sure to strike a masterfully delicate balance tailored to your very palate, and bring you the kind of satisfaction one can only find at the bottom of a glass.

And if that wasn’t enough to sell you on the sip, every “My Edition” end product will come with customised labelling named to your own choosing, along with a dedication, message, or story, along with an ornate engraving on the iconic bottle to truly mark it as your own. And of course, a limited edition box to present it in.

Luxe has never felt so personal.