The Incredible $21 Million Apartment With A 360 View Of New York

The Incredible $21 Million Apartment With A 360 View Of New York

Historic landmark and fixture of downtown Manhattan, the Woolworth Building, has a view that’s unparalleled. The reason? With a 360 scope of New York City, it’s full in every sense of the word. 

A building of this calibre obviously comes with a story to match. In the case of this particular bit of architecture, it has housed the likes of Nikola Tesla and the team behind the Manhattan Project– the very team that created the atomic bomb, swinging the war in the favour of the allies in World War II, and irrevocably steering the course of the 20th to 21st century. 

The building currently has thirty-three brand new residential apartments. The one you’re seeing now is valued at $21.325 million USD. Covering 6,095 square feet with a ceiling height of 14.5 foot, it spans across the entire 40th floor. Hence the 360 view. 

Four bedrooms including a breathtaking master ensuite, walk-in dressing rooms, a formal dining area, and even a space where F.W Woolworth’s desk was once placed with an unobstructed view of the Statute of Liberty – this one has it all.  

While much of the interior has been redesigned/revamped by Cheryl Eisen of the Interior Marketing Group design firm, the large arched windows and the terracotta surrounds are part of the original Woolworth design. 

Additionally, the building offers such amenities as a pool, spa, communal lounge, a fitness studio, wine cellar and tasting room, as well as “… an exclusive entertainment salon…”. One can easily see why the price point is completely warranted.  

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