For The First Time, You Can Buy These Keiji Ashizawa Oak Chairs

Keiji Ashizawa chair

Keiji Ashizawa is the brains behind his eponymously monikered design studio in Tokyo, which specialises in product design and architecture. He is also the man behind the interior design of the famed Blue Bottle Coffee shops, located in Shibuya and Minatomirai. Now, for the first time, the dining chairs and barstools that were designed by Keiji Ashizawa for the cafe are available to the public for sale.

The chairs are manufactured by Karimoku, one of the finest Japanese wooden furniture manufacturers, in a collection called CASE STUDY 02.1. Both the A-DC01 dining chair and the A-BS01 barstool have been executed in a light shade of oak, which works well with the overall design of the chairs.

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The A-DC01 dining chair features two broad, sweeping oak surfaces in the seat and backrest, both of which were specifically designed to be comfortable to sit in for a long time. And as you’d expect from a chair designed for use in hospitality, they are easily stackable for saving space while in storage.

In contrast, the A-BS01 barstool isn’t stackable, thanks to the brass reinforced footrests that add stability and structure to the long legs. However, they are similar to the shorter dining chair in the large seating surface and structured backrest, which combine to create a relaxed and comfortable seating position.

The two Keiji Ashizawa designed chairs will be on display at the Soil and Resymbiosis Exhibition, at the Karimoku Commons in Tokyo, which is currently showing until the end of September. So if you’re in Tokyo and have the time to check them out, make sure you take the time to do just that.

Both the A-DC01 dining chair and the A-BS01 barstool are also available for sale at the Karimoku site, with respective prices of ¥84,370 and ¥69,300 JPY (AU$1,046 and AU$859).

Keiji Ashizawa chair1
Keiji Ashizawa chair3