Polish ‘Quadrant House’ Moves With The Sun

Polish ‘Quadrant House’ Moves With The Sun

Polish architectural firm KWK Promes has created the ‘Quadrant House’, a unique design in suburbia that embraces the natural movement of the sun throughout the day.

A quadrant is a navigational tool of the past that worked by measuring the angles between stars. Using the basic principles of such an instrument, the moving wing of the Quadrant House follows a curved track spanning 90 degrees between two perpendicular wings.

Moving either automatically or manually, it either lets sunlight in or provides shade for the wing of the house where it’s attached. The lower level is comprised of both a large open plan living room and a gym area. The majority of the living quarters are confined to the top storey.

To understand the complexities and the movement of the awesome structure, watch the video below.

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