Luxury Redefined In This $83 Million Sky Lounge Of A Private Jet

Luxury Redefined In This $83 Million Sky Lounge Of A Private Jet

For most of us, we can only dream of someday owning a private jet. It’s one of those fantasies we indulge in during schooner induced conversation, or those idle moments when one has the time to run wild with imagination. 

That dream, that fantasy, has just had the standard of extravagance lifted tenfold in this $83 million USD concept. A sky lounge that would stand, or rather soar, to be one of its kind (it makes sense, shush), and a piece of engineering that redefines luxury. 

From the minds of Brazilian jet manufacturers, Embracer, comes this art deco delight. Modelled after their flagship Lineage 1000E executive jet, the inspiration drawn from the decadent 20s and 30s are tastefully evident. Hence why it has been aptly dubbed “The Manhattan”. Featuring deep, rich woods, it is “… the embodiment of the Empire State Building crossed with the Rainbow Room…”. Or at least that’s what the press statement says.

But it wasn’t just monumental structures of architectural stature in which inspiration was drawn. “The thrills of resurrecting the art deco designs…” were also found in furniture, jewellery, cars, and ocean liners as the basis of this project’s ensuing aesthetic, with the Normandie cruise liner specifically in mind. A holistic homage to the essence of the era. 

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