Melbourne’s Federation Square Is About To Receive A $20 Million Upgrade

Federation Square in Melbourne is about to receive its biggest upgrade yet. Approved for $20 million from the Victorian government as part of the $2.7 billion Building Works stimulus program, locals and visitors alike will soon be able to enjoy “a new immersive regional experience centre to promote the state’s best food and wine, music and culture“.

The broad strokes of the changes are as follows:

  • greater recognition & celebration of First Peoples heritage
  • greater emphasis of the Yarra River
  • “refreshed” retail & hospitality offerings
  • connecting sports & arts precincts

The Victorian government has assured that any and all physical alterations from now until the end of time will be required to be a certain standard, and must “aspire to match the quality of the original” before being given the green light by a design advisory board.

“At the heart of this was the need for far-reaching reform and a renewed focus on quality civic and cultural activity,” says Martin Foley, Minister for Creative Industries.

“These things that were important a few months ago, have never been more so in this new world where adaptation and innovation will be critical to ensuring we come back stronger than ever.”

This certainly isn’t the first time a Federation Square upgrade has been proposed. As you may recall, a flagship Apple store was the talk of the town back in late 2017. It was, however, abandoned last year when Federation Square was granted heritage protection.