On The Market This Week: Gorgeous Mornington Peninsula Estate

On The Market This Week: Gorgeous Mornington Peninsula Estate

So far with our ‘On The Market’ series we’ve shown some deadset insane homes. From this Tuscan-inspired villa in Victoria to this baller penthouse in Darlinghurst – there’s been a big focus on massive luxury pads with heaps to look at.

This week, we thought we’d change lanes a little bit, with this smaller, slightly more humble coastal home in Shoreham, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula .

Just because she’s not imposingly massive doesn’t mean this Mornington Peninsula home doesn’t pack a lot of unique character. There’s a clear emphasis here on architectural beauty and excellent craftsmanship. A smaller size allows for intense attention to detail, which is an area the designers and builders have excelled in.

The house is split in two – one wing for the kids and another (much larger) wing for the adults. In order to enjoy the raw beauty of the Victorian coast, designers have opted for a large, open-plan living area and kitchen towards the back of the house, which leads on to the backyard. 

This sense of openness and freedom is carried throughout the single-floor home, accentuated by the theme of white, wooden, and marble-grey details. The master bedroom is beyond spacious, linking onto the outdoor entertaining area and backyard.

Although we obviously can’t hear the pictures, the positioning of this home just screams a serene silence – violated only occasionally by the popping of wine bottles from the vineyard next door. It’s also a short stroll to the beautiful Western Port beaches of Shoreham, Flinders, and Pt. Leo.

5/13 Cliff Road will be going to auction on the 24th of March. Head over to Kay & Burton for more information.