The Mountain Refuge Cabin Lets You Get Back To Basics

Isolated dwellings designed for sustainable living seems to be in fashion these days. Not that we’re complaining. Especially considering this growing cultural obsession has provided the world with Casa Ojala, Ood Panorama Glass Lodge, PurePods, LilliHaus, Anthenea, and now The Mountain Refuge.

Gnocchi + Danesi Architects have designed this escape opportunity as a “contemporary interpretation of old traditional mountain refuges”, in both spatial quality and architectural character. Hence the name. With a prefabricated wood construction system, its entirely modular structure provides those who inhabit Mountain Refuge cabins with the freedom of configuration and expansion. The only true constant is a wall comprised of glass, specifically for “reconnecting with nature”.

Similar to what I can only assume the traditional mountain refuges of old were like, it’s really just about the bare essentials here. Cabin dwellers can opt for a bed, kitchen, bathroom, and even a small lounge area in case you needed to unwind… during your unwind. In terms of function, its all about photovoltaic panels on the roof, batteries under the floor, and filtered rainwater in the tank. Like I said, completely sustainable.

Depending on the desired configuration, square footage can range from 260 to 400. The estimated cost starts at US$40,000 (furniture and utilities not included).