Coexist With Nature In This Stunning Melbourne House

I’ve always strongly held the belief that the outdoors is overrated. I mean, if the outdoors is really so damn great, why did civilisation spend so much time perfecting the indoors? We literally defined an optimal temperature, and actively aim to control it as a means of countering the weather. That belief (partially) changes now with this stunning bit of architecture. For the worlds exterior and interior has just been united in a brilliantly designed Melbourne house.

Located in Barwon Heads, the Courtyard House by Auhaus Architecture has been built with the idea of relaxed and easy-breezey living in mind. Predominantly comprised of natural hardwood and bluestone, it places a lush courtyard at the centrepiece to bring a bit of refreshing zen about. These materials were supposedly selected for two key reasons. The first was to “… reflect the idea of harmony between the house and nature…”. The second is more of a functional thing, which is to withstand weather conditions of the South coast.

Open spaces, natural lighting, and clear-view window panes are a plenty in this dwelling. To pull out an oddly specific comparison, it seems like the visual equivalent of eating an Acai bowl. The house‚Äôs interior, on the other hand, is more striking and bold with modern aesthetic. The matte black touches, brass fittings, and wooden panels comes across as something of a more dominant and statement making force. 

Check it out in the gallery.