Hale Lana Is A Design Masterpiece Built On A Hawaiian Lava Field

I’ll never understand why architects constantly feel compelled to build the coolest and most serene dwellings so close to lava. Whatever the reason, Olson Kundig has chosen to follow suit on the lava fields of Hawaii’s Big Island – a place that has been canonised as heaven on Earth alongside certain parts of Australia – with a retreat dubbed Hale Lana (translation: “floating home”).

Designed to resemble canopies found in the island’s natural landscape, this collection of five interconnected wooden pavilions spread across 17,200 square feet “picks up on the local Hawaiian vernacular”. And not just in its silhouette alone – but through its use of open space. Open everything, really. Visual transparency has been championed using plenty of glass and not a whole lot of conventional walling where possible (as per the “local vernacular).

The result of blending its immaculately curated and endlessly warm interiors with the picturesque outside world – aside from a greater degree of exposure to sun, air, and lush scenery – is quite a free-flowing and leisurely structure which practically encourages, nay, seduces you into camping out wherever you stand.

As expected from a pad of this calibre, Hale Lana offers a generous main living area, several suites, a full kitchen completely equipped with steel appliances, outdoor dining area, and yes, the obligatory pool. But it’s worth noting the ocean is right there if you prefer to splash around in water that doesn’t have any chlorine.

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