On The Market This Week: A $15 Million Blue Ribbon Woollahra Property With A Lavish Guest Cottage

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We write a lot about the nicer things in life. But sometimes, the nicest things in this world aren’t so much in-your-face as they are quietly dignified and pleasantly sophisticated. Which is exactly the case with this $15 million blue ribbon Woollahra listing, a property that once belonged to Prue MacLeod (Rupert Murdoch’s daughter).

This Woollahra property is an exquisite blend of “bespoke luxury”  and “world-class finishes”. A place of comfort and subtle statements. In terms of the bare bones, it holds four bedrooms, five bathrooms, as well as a five-car garage for all your motors.

Onto the niceties and design trimmings, there’s plenty of alfresco spaces for you to enjoy at your own leisure, the obligatory European-style pool to lounge by with your Proust novels, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, and to top it all off, a lavish two-bedroom guest cottage which 90% of the population would be content with making their permanent residence. 

Other features that also caught out eyes include:

  • the fireplace
  • outdoor terrace entertaining space
  • and library/study area

Overall, this is a perfect reminder of restraint and muted luxury in the face of opulence. 

Check out the full gallery below.

Find out more at the original listing on domain.com.au.

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