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Take A Look Inside This Incredibly Lush Pad In Sydney’s Double Bay

Chances are high you’ve been in the vicinity of this property without even knowing it was there.

Norway Opens World’s Most Stylish &  Expensive Public Toilet

The unique structure cost over $2 million to make.

Take A Look Inside The US$16 Million Mansion Of Zedd

Whoever said that there’s no money in music anymore clearly wasn’t referring to pop or producing or Zedd.

The Farm Gerringong

‘The Farm’ Gerringong Is A Palatial Oceanfront Holiday Home

Perched on a ridgeline amongst a sweeping landscape of lush, European-esque rolling hills, “The Farm” is capable of up to 30 guests.

Check Out George Lucas’ Spaceship-Shaped Museum In Los Angeles

The perfect design for the man behind Star Wars.

Inside Justin Timberlake’s Minimalist Soho Penthouse For Sale

The Prince of Pop is looking for new digs.

Nike Announces “ON AIR” Sneaker Design Workshops With Goal Of Creating A Sneaker Designed By Public

Every wanted to design your very own Nike sneaker?

Get Back To (Sytlish) Basics With The Light Phone 2

This highly minimalist phone is not only a thing of distraction free living, but design beauty.

A Look At The Presidential Guest House That’s The “World’s Most Exclusive Hotel”

Definitely worth a stay.

Coexist With Nature In This Stunning Melbourne House

The worlds exterior and interior has just been united in a brilliantly designed Melbourne house.

Inside The Ancient Chinese Mansion That’s Been Transformed Into An Epic Hotel

An amazing retreat with awesome history throughout.

Feast Your Eyes On This Audi Concept Car That’ll Never Happen

Some pipe dreams exist solely as pipe dreams. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy how cool the ideas are.