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Look Inside This Stunning Amsterdam Loft

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a bachelor pad in Amsterdam it almost certainly looks something like The Loft #2

Australian Artist CJ Hendry Draws Hyperrealistic Images Using Only A Pen

Three years ago, 27-year old Australian artist CJ Hendry was making $45k a year in fashion retail – now just one of her drawings sells for more than $50,000

Let Emily Ratajkowski Take You On A Tour Of Her LA Loft

Ratajkowski gets questioned on everything from her taste in music to her taste in men while she takes you around her beautifully eclectic Los Angeles loft.

Man Cave Must Have: The Luna Moon Lamp

For the living room of any wannabe astronaut comes the Luna Moon Lamp.

‘The Edge’ Is Possibly The Coolest House In Queensland

Looking like something that wouldn’t be out of place in a Bond or Ironman film is ‘The Edge’, a stunning super contemporary home in Port Douglas.

Check out the BMW Apollo Streamliner

Check out the BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept Motorcycle

To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo

Tattoos, like puppies, aren’t just for Christmas. You have to live with it, forever, you don’t want to have ANY regrets…

Check Out These Insane Animated GIFs by Florian De Looij

Animated GIFs by Florian De Looij

The Stunning Process Behind a Beretta Shotgun

Human Technology is a mesmerising short film (05:40) made by Ancarani Studio and commissioned by Beretta that shows the truly stunning…