This Gorgeous Tuscan Villa Is Your Euro Summer Dream

This Gorgeous Tuscan Villa Is Your Euro Summer Dream

Tuscany is a magical part of Italy known for its diverse landscapes, historical significance and phenomenal wines. 

It’s the kind of place we’d all dream of retiring to live out the rest of our days. If I can one day afford this dream I’ll be turning to B-Arch Architettura to fulfil my needs. The esteemed architecture firm recently transformed a dilapidated 15th-century Tuscan farmhouse into a sophisticated, modern residence for two local families. 

Christened Podere Bussolaio, the farmhouse in the town of Travalle has been divided into two separate homes reflecting the personalities of sisters Claudia and Elisa, the siblings who purchased the derelict property. It was a taxing project to undertake, with the wooden roofs having to be completely rebuilt with many of the walls and floors restored using traditional methods. As you can see from the photos below, the end result is simply spectacular.

Both homes are decorated with furnishings and artwork that reflect the heritage of the original farmhouse and modern aesthetics, with exposed concrete, iron fittings and mid-century pieces featuring prominently throughout both homes. 

Despite the similarities shared by each abode, Claudia’s home in the old barn features a large, open-plan living area with glazed openings, while Elisa’s home contains a large kitchen area that is the focus of the home. Both share a communal outside space that includes a swimming pool, gym and private gardens.

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