Former Prince Mansion In LA Lists For US$29 Million

Prince Mansion

An unconventional Hollywood Hills mansion previously inhabited by The Purple One – and possibly Elizabeth Taylor – is currently on the market for US$29 million. Yes, that’s right… the Prince Mansion. Built all the way back in 1953 at a cost of just US$600,000 (or approximately US$5.8 million in present-day value), this property is quite a sight to behold.

Prior to the arrival of Prince himself, the house was supposedly designed by the original owner to function in two capacities:

  1. as an opulent bachelor pad, and
  2. as a doomsday bunker in the event of a nuclear attack.

Naturally, it has some extravagant and eccentric features to match the brief – including an artificial beach, orchid, indoor/outdoor pools, and a tropical lanai.

The 10-bedroom, 13-bathroom, six-story home also includes some even more ridiculous features, such as an underwater tunnel built into one end of the pool that leads to a secret cave (the water was meant to help prevent the nuclear radiation), and faucets that would directly dispense whiskey and wine.

The original owner eventually fled to Mexico in 1962. In the balance of all probabilities, more likely for something else that sounds equally batshit insane. Fast forward several decades later, Prince would decide to rent this monstrosity of a dwelling. Funnily enough, the pop legend would later be sued for violating his lease agreement when he painted the house with purple stripes and installed purple carpet. Go figure.

Since then, the mansion formerly belonging to Prince (I know what I did) has welcomed the addition of even more niceties, including a tennis court, an indoor sports court, a ballroom, a wine room, and a four-car garage to truly raise the levels of luxury.

Check out the official listing of the Prince mansion here, as well as through the gallery below. And while you’re at it, feel free to compare it with fellow modern pop star Pharrell’s gorgeous glass mansion.