Insane Shipping Container Hotels From Around The Globe

As the cost of housing increases and space becomes a premium people are looking for cheap and practical ways to live. In the past few years converting shipping containers into stylish homes has become a thing. These minimal yet aesthetically appealing creations are popping up more and more but it’s not just everyday folk taken advantage of these creative structures. 

Now the hospitality industry is throwing their hat in the ring, opening not only bars and restaurants but hotels made from discarded shipping containers. These hotels are not only architectural delights but enable people to experience living in a shipping container before taking the plunge and buying their own. From the spectacular Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort in the majestic Caucasus mountains of Gudauri, Georgia to The Yays Crane Apartment in Amsterdam, here are the most insane shipping container hotels from around the world. 

Hotel Winebox, Valparaiso, Chile

This colourful and creative wine-themed hotel is located on the beautiful coast of Valparaiso and features 25 shipping containers stacked in an impressive formation. Each room offers a private terrace – many with views of the beach – along with private bathrooms and repurposed furniture. There’s even a rooftop bar with fantastic views of the surroundings where you can try the owner’s vino.


Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort, Gudauri, Georgia

Designed to be environmentally friendly and complement the landscape this minimalistic five-level pyramid-shaped hotel sits on raised steel posts and offers wondrous views of the surrounding ski slopes. The shipping containers are encased in timber and each room has its own terrace and includes simple yet modern furnishings with two deluxe rooms also containing a jacuzzi. This luxury hotel also includes a pool, sauna and yoga area and is an architectural masterpiece. 


Tiny Urban Escape, Indianapolis, Indiana

Designed as a “private space to seek lost sleep, enjoy sinfully lazy Sundays, live life a little slower or simply unplug and de-stress,” Tiny Urban Escape provide sleek and modern getaways in scenic surroundings. The five semi-glass recycled shipping containers are created by Canadian company Glass House Living and include a double bed, private deck, spa-inspired ensuite bathroom and an over-the-bed chandelier. There’s also a shared fire pit for all to enjoy as well as complimentary bikes to explore the local area. 


The Beach Box Hotel, Baga Goa, India

Located just three minutes from Baga beach in Goa this amazing 16 room hotel is the flagship property of the Box Hotels brand. The hotel provides world-class accommodation at affordable prices and includes in-house restaurant the Beach Box Cafe, the relaxing Box Bar and a massive swimming pool. The structure is said to be strong enough to withstand earthquakes and salt water from the sea for close to 20 years. The red colours contrast with the repurposed wooden surfaces creating a memorable design in one of India’s premier destinations.


CCASA, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Although not a hotel this hostel in Vietnam is a sight to behold and worth writing about. Designed by TAK architects each level is colour coded and inspired by train cabin interiors, with each room acting as a fully furnished “cabin” for you to relax in. As this is a hostel they’ve jammed as many beds as possible into some of the containers, making things tight. There are a number of common spaces including a kitchen and rooftop bar, while the main attractions are only minutes away. It’s like living in one big share house but with clean bathrooms, comfy beds and the beach at your doorstep. 


The Yays Crane Apartment, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This impressive construction is made up of three shipping containers built into an existing crane overlooking the IJ river. The area was redeveloped in 1975 and the crane kept as a reminder of the industrial heritage of the area. Fast forward to a few years ago and designer Edward van Vliet was given the opportunity to turn the crane into a luxurious apartment for holiday goers. The impressive creation includes a modern bathroom (including a large bathtub), fully equipped kitchen and an interior inspired by the industrial era. 


Hougoumont Hotel, Fremantle, Australia

Aussie boutique hotel the Hougoumont Hotel melds the original 1901 building with shipping containers to create a luxury abode right in the heart of Freo’s historic centre. The hotel is designed by Matthew Crawford Architects and blends the old with the new, includes ocean-inspired designs from Yoshio Takagi and custom furnishings and modern art by Troy Barbitta.

Each room includes a Nespresso coffee machine, boutique teas by Rubra, complimentary bottles of water and luxury bathroom toiletries by Appellees Apothecary. Perfect for a short stay be it business or pleasure.