The Hammock Bathtub Is The New Luxury Standard

Hammocks are one thing… but a hammock filled with steaming hot water and an overload of bubbles is almost the dream. That’s it, a hammock bathtub – life couldn’t peak any more even if it tried.

What you see here is a creation of UK-based design group Splinter Works’ founders Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington. Freestanding bathtubs are admittedly awesome. Free-hanging bathtubs are on an entirely different level. You can understand how this has blown up on Pinterest.

“This bath has literally elevated the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath by combining it with the peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock.”

A standing tap on the bathroom floor is used to fill the carbon fibre tub mounted on the opposing walls. A valve at the base of the hammock is then used to empty it on to the drain directly below.

Marvel at the ultimate relaxation creation below.