Take A Look Inside Macallan Estate’s New $255 Million Distillery

Take A Look Inside Macallan Estate’s New $255 Million Distillery

No stranger to an impressive price tag, Macallan has just opened the curtains to a new distillery– valued at $255 million USD. Located on the Macallan Estate’s Easter Elchies, Scotland, this is the very same spot where Macallan’s whiskey has been distilled for over two centuries. 

The designs owes its entirety to London architects, Rogers Stick Harbour + Partner. The building is apparently outfitted with what RSH + Partners have phrased as “… the most complicated timber roof structure in the world…”. 

Coming out of the gates swinging with a strong desire to innovate and dream up some “… forward-thinking solutions to environmental problems…”, they have also noted that 95% of the distillery’s power will be sourced from renewable energies. A little something that will “… bring The Macallan into the future while rooting it in its past…”. 

“The building makes a statement about us in its shape and form,” says Macallan’s creative director, Ken Grier. 

“It’s [incredibly] aesthetically beautiful and has a marvellous flow from the production process to the visitor experience. It’s very distinctive.”

This 21st century upgrade is sure to get the job down whiskey making wise– and what comes out of the barrel will sure to be as authentic as ever– but the larger hopes behind these new facilities has more to do with tourism. 

“The unsurpassed quality of The Macallan is in high demand and we face the future confidently with this new distillery,” says Edrington Group CEO, Ian Curle.

“When the doors open in June, we expect this new Macallan enterprise to deliver significant benefits for the tourism industry, Scotch whisky exports, and the economy.”

I know where I want to go next.

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