Select Your Own Batch With Woodford Reserve: The $15,000 Whiskey Experience

There a levels of whiskey enthusiasm. And Woodford Reserve has just moved to the top of the food-chain. Sure, having a personalised bottle is quite the something. But how about a personalised batch– in the metric of 180 litres. That’s 180 bottles made with a flavour profile of your choice (Distillers Select; 220 x 750ml for Double Oaked).

Those so inclined to sample this ~45.2% ABV insanity will not only be picking up the grog and leaving, but treated to an entirely singular experience. This includes being guided through a tasting of “… three distinct flavour profiles of Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select ($14,300 AUD) or Double Oaked ($15,500 AUD)…”, before being asked to select the one they prefer the most. These profiles are, of course, not just any old liquor store composition. Being crafted by Woodford Reserve’s Master Distiller and Master Taster, they “… showcase the variety and complexity of the whiskey’s flavours…”. 

The selected profile is then made and bottled into 180 personalised single litre bottles. Just how personalised is it? Each bottle will have a custom label that clearly displays a customer or company’s name. Additionally, said customer or company will be honoured with a plaque in their very own name. The plaque in question will go on to be placed with the walls of the Woodford Reserve distillery, in the heartland of Kentucky. And if that still isn’t enough to impress you, this package also comes with a personalised Woodford Reserve barrelhead, and a regular old Woodford Reserve barrel. A little something to spice up that basement bar of yours.

As a side note, for those who want to get that authenticity squared going, selection at the Woodford Reserve distillery can be arranged to be done at Kentucky. If you’re willing to make the distance, that is. In any case, you certainly get your $15,000 AUD worth, and a whole lot of brown to down.