Gordan Ramsay Officially Launches ‘Hell’s Seltzer’

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Hard Seltzer

It seems that not even celebrity chefs with 16 Michelin stars to their name are immune to the hard seltzer craze. No, we’re not pulling your leg. Gordan Ramsay has actually gone ahead and launched his very own official line of angry hard seltzers currently branded Hell’s Seltzer.

“Yes – even I enjoy a hard seltzer after a long day, so I decided to toss the devil horns into the ring and heat things up,” Gordon noted via statement (read: manufactured by some marketing intern who thought this one line of copy was going to help them make the big leagues).

“Hell’s Kitchen will never freeze over… but a cold Hell’s Seltzer is a great start.” Groan.

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Developed by Brew Pipeline and Global Brews of London, the “unapologetically bold” Hell’s Seltzer will reportedly be sold in 12-pack varieties, each filled with natural flavours and completely gluten-free. The ABV? A tidy 5.5% – which is an entire percent more than White Claw, for those of you keeping score.

The first batch of flavours we can expect include the following:

  • Berry Inferno – peach, blueberry, raspberry
  • Knicker Twist – passionfruit, pineapple, orange
  • Mean Green – kiwi, lime, mint, pineapple
  • That’s Forked – key lime, vanilla, graham
Gordon Ramsay - Hell's Hard Seltzer

Maybe if we ask real nice, we’ll even get a couple cans of Idiot Sandwich, Bloody Doughnut, and Fucking Donkey later on down the road.

Hell’s Seltzer by Gordon Ramsay will retail somewhere between US$15.99 to US$17.99 starting from early 2021. The rollout will kick off in the US with no current word on when/if it’ll hit Australia, nor any other international location for that matter. Stay tuned for the details as they come.