James Boag Link Up With Matt Moran To Create A Range Of Fine Dining Beers

Aiming to take the beer game to new levels, James Boag has recently released their new Epicurean range. Continuing the tradition of great beers with Tasmanian provenance, the selection was co-created with chef and food icon Matt Moran. Working with his group sommelier Matt Dunne and James Boag’s head innovation brewer Simon Hanley, Moran was able to create two unique beers with fine dining in mind.

With a choice between the aptly named Red and White brews, theoffering works in a similar manner to wine. The Red selection, with it’s notes of caramel, is an accompaniment to red meats whilst the aromatic White selection is an accompaniment to seafood. Moran conveys that in “fine dining, beer has never traditionally been considered a drink of choice, however this new addition to the James Boag range provides restaurant guests an alternative to routine choices”.

Knowing this, the team at his restaurant Aria have also worked to create a number of dishes specifically tailored to the differences between the beers. Hanley notes that “there has been a conscious effort to partner the beer with food and develop flavour profiles that complement the dishes”. With tender duck breasts and cured kingfish as some of the suggested pairings, it’s definitely time to get down there for a drink and meal.

A limited 3 month supply (due to the type of ingredients used) also means you need to get in ASAP to grab some before it’s all gone. Before you do, check out the full process the guys went through to create the beers below.

James Boag Epicurean is available at select venues. For details click here