Mr West Is Delivering 1.5L Bagnums Of Cocktails

Melbourne institution Mr West is helping us all achieve the dream by uniting the unadulterated pleasure of cocktail drinking with the convenience of a damn juice box – and the affordability of a damn juice box, too.

Presenting the Mr West 1.5 litre bagnums, currently available in…

Margarita Blanca (White Margarita)

“Lovingly made with a focus on quality artisanal products without compromising on the flavour or texture of the cocktail and remaining free from added preservatives, pasteurised products or artificial flavours or colours.”

Servings: 15

  • Arette Tequila Blanco
  • Nuestra Soledad San Baltazar Mezcal
  • Organic Dark Agave Nectar
  • and Supasawa (distilled blend of 5 different acids for a well-balanced citrus addition)

Due to how it has been blended, it even has quite the shelf life on it.

Espresso Martini

“This little guy packs a punch and is the perfect companion for your next party/festival/camping trip/Tuesday tipple.”

Servings: 12

  • Mr Black Coffee Liqueur
  • Boston Black Cold Drip Coffee
  • Stout
  • and Vodka

The Espresso Martini option comes with a complimentary mini Parisian cocktail shaker. For all the vegans out there, you needn’t worry – this is also vegan-friendly.


“Serve over ice. Add orange. Be fancy.”

Serves: 16-20

  • Poor Toms Dry gin
  • Campari 
  • and Mr West House-Blended Vermouth 

‘Nuff said.

Each one is just $99 – an absolute steal considering the price per serving her, compared to the price per serving during a night out at any given bar.

Mr West is delivering these godly bagnums to Melbourne suburb within the hour for an additional $7.50 charge. Those of us in regional Victoria, Brisbane, and Sydney, however, will have to wait 3-10 days (and fork out an additional $12).

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