Restrictions Lifted: Sydney Bars Deliver Cocktails To Your Doorstep

sydney bars deliver cocktails

The recent announcements regarding the closures of all non-essential services was a massive blow to bars, restaurants, and cafes. To prevent this from having an impact in its entirety, Liquor & Gaming NSW have temporarily eased restrictions on licensed venues providing takeaway and home delivered alcohol – which means we can now see Sydney bars deliver cocktails (in addition to restaurants and cafes).

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created an exceptional set of circumstances and will have significant impacts on the businesses we regulate,” says Liquor & Gaming NSW in a statement.

“Not all licensed premises are authorised to sell alcohol for consumption off the premise. In these circumstances, Liquor & Gaming NSW will take a common-sense and pragmatic approach to enforcing the liquor and gaming laws.”

Liquor & Gaming NSW will, however, intervene with cases of “significant risks to patrons or the community”. Risks such as the sale of alcohol to minors or intoxicated people.

These are certainly unprecedented times, in more ways than one. I personally never thought I’d see Sydney bars deliver cocktails anywhere – or restaurants and cafes for that matter – given the government’s tendency to whip out the red tape with all things alcohol. But I’ll take it as a win.

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