5 Surefire Tips For Safe Drinking On Your Next Outing

5 Surefire Tips For Safe Drinking On Your Next Outing

Boy oh boy, that glorious time of year is upon us and damn right we’re looking forward to it just as much as you are. Great weather, long nights and enough daylight to enjoy after leaving the office. Straight to the pub, right? Well yes, but when Drink Properly tapped us on the shoulder and asked us if we’d share some insight into simple safe drinking tips gents can do to keep things in check when on the turps, we agreed it was something we wouldn’t mind brushing up on ourselves.

Be it a summer celebration, enjoying the sun at the Polo or a get together aboard your mate’s boat on a weekend, you won’t be short of an occasion worthy of a frothy this season. It wouldn’t hurt anyone, then, to skim over a quick recap on how to enjoy a few drinks, pull up nicely the next day and keep the rig in check when indulging this summer.

Pace Yourself

Enjoying a drink with friends is not a sprint. We all have that mate that’s crashed too hard too soon, and really, who wants to be that guy? A combination of mid-strength beers and water is a fool-proof plan. Listen to the signs your body is giving you. Health experts recommend that no more than four standard drinks in one session are consumed. Just like an athlete, you’ll have good days and bad days. You can’t win every race, so acknowledge when you’re just about done and dusted and be man enough to tap out when necessary. No one wants to go from hero to zero.

The Lower The Better

ABV (alcohol by volume) or the term ‘standard drink’ is the drinking-for-dummies guide to keep track of how much alcohol you’ve had. It’s really that simple, it’s even on the bottle if you forget what you’re looking for. The smaller the number, the easier it will be for your body to cope with the drinks as they keep flowing. A smaller ABV is great, a smaller amount of alcoholic drinks is even better. Less is more when it comes to looking after yourself.


It might come as surprising, but this is such a simple tactic that many are quick to overlook. Blokes often get carried away talking smack with their mates and don’t find time to scoff down a couple of sausage sangers, or are too busy playing backyard cricket they forget to jump in on the group pizza order.

Just eat. It’s really that simple. Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for trouble. Drinking on an empty stomach can irritate your digestive system and result in more rapid absorption of alcohol. Start with a hearty breakfast well before the shenanigans begin. Eating high protein foods before and while safe drinking slows the rate of alcohol absorption but also makes your stomach feel full, meaning you’ll drink slower anyway.

5 Surefire Tips For Safe Drinking On Your Next Outing


While drinking water might not stop you from feeling the effects of alcohol directly, it’ll definitely replenish the silly amounts of liquid you’ll end up losing from the body that causes dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning you’ll be visiting the dunny more often than what’s convenient while also becoming dehydrated. You should have one glass of liquid gold (that’s water, not beer!) for every drink you consume in an effort to offset what your body is losing. At the least, drink as much water as you can before you go to sleep or you’ll be kicking yourself the next morning.

Stay Cool

This is a big one for us Aussies and one we’re quick to throw our hands up and claim is out of our control. Yeah, we can’t control the weather, you’re right, but that means the responsibility is on you to adapt to the conditions.

Chances are if it’s a nice day, it’s summer and you’re with the fellas, beers will end up flowing at some point or another. Ever had two beers at the beach and felt tipsy compared to the week before when you had three times as much at dinner but felt fine? When the weather is hot your body naturally sweats more and thus needs more water to maintain an equilibrium. It’s not rocket science boys, just drink more water and stay out of the sun where possible. If you’re expecting some stronger effects from alcohol you’ll be better prepared to deal with them.

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