VB Is Shouting FREE BEERS For The Whole Country This Sunday

VB Is Shouting FREE BEERS For The Whole Country This Sunday

As far as feel-good publicity stunts go, they don’t come much better than handing out free beers to punters, which makes Victoria Bitter’s latest effort a stroke of genius. 

The team at VB know how much we all love a Sunday session and have decided to celebrate this by shouting the whole country a round.

The nationwide catch-up-over-a-coupla-cold-ones is taking place this Sunday 26th May, from 2-4 pm, at selected pubs around the country. It’s limited to a single frothy each for thirsty lads and ladies over the age of 18. 

VB announced the news via their website, with a post explaining why they’ve decided to hand out free cold ones. 

“There’s been a lot of talk over the last few months. While we don’t know what’s coming next, we do know this. It’s the start of another week and it’s time to get back to doing what we do best: working hard,” read the announcement. 

“That’s the only way we are going to push this country forward. For everyone ready to get on with the job of making Australia a better place, come join us at the pub.”

If that’s what it takes to make Australia great again, then we’re all in. See you at the pub. 

For your nearest participating venue head to victoriabitter.com.au

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