5 Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Cheese

5 Common Mistakes That Ruin Your Cheese

A decent bit of cheese is what separates a good night in from a great one. There are, however, some common mistakes we’re all guilty of in terms of correct cheese storage.

Here are five common mistakes you’re probably making when it comes to cheese storage and how they’re ruining your cheese (according to the experts).

Wrapping cheese in plastic or foil

Wrapping your cheese in plastic or foil is actually a big no-no. Both methods “suffocates” the cheese, which leads to a loss of flavour. Where they differ is plastic traps moisture while foil robs it of moisture. Additionally, certain cheeses which contain specific levels of salt and acid may react with the aluminium – thereby infusing the cheese with an unwanted aluminium flavour.

Not regularly replacing the cheese’s wrapping paper

Regularly replacing a cheese’s wrapping paper will not only prevent the growth and spread of bacteria often instigated through human contact, but also maintain the desired level of humidity which will help a cheese last longer. And while we’re not saying you need to change the wrapping every time you got for that 1 AM morsel, it would be beneficial to change it every ten days or so (if it lasts that long).

Sticking semi-soft and hard cheeses in sealed containers

While it’s a different case for soft and more aromatic cheeses, the number one take away from this entire article is that most cheeses need to breathe. Which is why sealed containers may not be ideal for your harder cheeses, which will not only dry out, but again – lose flavour.

Sticking cheeses it in the coldest part of your fridge

Surprisingly enough, cheese has an optimal storage temperature and it isn’t “the colder the better” – although given what we know about other dairy products like milk and ice cream, it’s understandable how that assumption may occur. The best place to store cheese is actually in the veggie crisper/draw of the fridge, as the temperature is more stable with just the right amount of humidity. That way – you guessed it – the flavour won’t change.

Sticking cheeses next to aromatic foods in your fridge (including other smellier cheeses)

Your citruses, your bananas, that leftover curry, and even your blue cheeses should be kept separate from your other cheeses. Cheese is has a tendency to absorb all sorts of aromas which – once more for the people in the back – tends to change the flavour.

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