Inside Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant In Norway

Far away from the beautiful sunshine of the Mediterranean and buried in the depths of Scandinavia, lies a monolithic attraction. Aptly named ‘Under in Norway’, it’s an underwater restaurant situated at the nation’s southernmost tip. The concrete structure is partially submerged into the sea near the village of Båly, creating a truly impressive site from the shoreline.

Design studio Snøhetta is responsible for the epic build, providing an immersive experience for consumers’s all round. Heightening you five senses, the venue features a selection of locally-caught lobsters, cod, mussels, and more seafood in the main dining area at the restaurant’s lowest level. Topside features a spectacular champagne bar located between coastline and ocean which allows easy drinks along with seafloor views. A marine biology research centre is also located in the space, providing an epic point of contact for Norwegian sea analysis.

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