Kiva Confections’ Cannabis Gravy Arrives In Time For Christmas

Family events aren’t always as relaxed as one would assume. Speaking from personal experience – and based on what I’ve heard from many others – it can get downright uncomfortable. That is up until this point in history, with the introduction of THC-infused gravy. 

Conservative grandparents, overbearing parents – whatever the case, you now have the opportunity to instil a bit of chill on a plate of roast, taters, and broccoli. 

This groundbreaking de-escalator of the classic family dinner disagreement is all thanks to the Californian cannabis company, Kiva Confections. The gravy is made with “cutting-edge technology that bypasses edibles’ normally lengthy trip through the liver.” What this means is that the THC apparently absorbs into the soft tissue and stomach, essentially promising to kick in anywhere between two to fifteen minutes. 

The gravy comes in single-serving packets. In addition to THC, it consists of ingredients such as turkey stock, garlic, onion, and salt. So unfortunately not vegetarian or vegan, but I’m sure those individuals will be able to work around it based on the, um… more liberated demographic.

But now for the spot of bad news. This miracle gravy is currently exclusive to Sweet Flower and Grass Roots stores in the US for a limited run – with no word on whether it’ll be available anywhere else in the world as of yet.

In the meantime, you can keep an eye out for it and learn more about the wonderful work Kiva Confections are accomplishing at 

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